Are you planning to travel in 2020? There are many upsides to going on a group tour: Travel arrangements and accommodations are figured out for you, and it’s much harder to get lost when you’re with a group. However, there are also downsides if you’re beholden to a pre-set itinerary. Here are 4 things to consider before signing up for a group tour.

Review the Itinerary Before You Decide to Go

There could be a particular destination or activity that is high-priority for you on the trip. One drawback of traveling with a tour group is that it may or not make it onto the itinerary. Unless you insist on disrupting the schedule, this may mean foregoing this particular activity. Depending on the tour guide and the program, you might be able to request a destination or activity, or plan time away from the group. Just make sure you don’t get left behind.

Consider Travel Insurance

You might consider travel insurance. Policies can cover damage to personal property, airline failure, and medical expenses, among others. It often includes 24/7 emergency services, like cash wire assistance and replacing a lost passport, which can be extremely helpful if you’re traveling abroad. Travel insurance can also reimburse a traveler with prepaid expenses for a trip that gets cancelled, or that you’re suddenly unable to go on due to illness, weather, or a death in the family.

Think About How Much Activity You’re Comfortable With

Group tour descriptions often describe the level of activity trip-goers can expect. If you’ll be expected to walk 5 miles a day, consider if you really want to do that. Or, if you’re particularly active, consider if you want to spend hours sitting on a bus going from location to location. Rather than risk falling behind or slowing the group down, make sure you’re up to complete the itinerary before you sign up.

Make Friends and Be Patient

You never know who you might meet on a group tour, so keep an open mind about making friends. Having peers can actually be a plus, especially when it comes to navigating unfamiliar places. Tap into your patience reserves when someone inevitably holds up the group to go to the bathroom or rest and remember that not everyone moves at the same pace.

If you’re looking to travel in retirement without overspending, a group tour could help to reduce costs. Just make sure you’re OK with the limitations and expectations that might come with the commitment. Many people want to travel in retirement and figuring out how this fits into the budget can be complicated. At O’Donnell Financial Group, we can learn about your lifestyle goals in a complimentary financial review and help you create an appropriate financial plan. Life is about more than money: If you want to travel in 2020, start planning now!