For years now, Greg has been a member of the nation’s most exclusive group of advisors for expertise in retirement distribution planning as an Ed Slott Elite Advisor. This small and prestigious group is designed to provide its members continuous access to the most recent and relevant IRA information in order to properly and professionally service their IRA clients. Greg, and other advisors in the group are dedicated to being IRA distribution experts and have made a commitment to continue building their IRA knowledge base. All of these Elite Advisors are equipped with up-to-date tools, on-going continuing education and an abundance of resources to help their clients.

Below is some of the resources that we’d like to share with you to help you better understand what being an Elite IRA Advisor means, and give you more information about the latest news and more! If you’d like to talk with Greg directly so discuss what this information means for you and your retirement, click here and schedule your complimentary financial review today!



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