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A Word from the Presenter, Greg O’Donnell

When it comes to financial information disseminated through the mainstream media, short pithy answers like “always” and “never” are forever in vogue. In the real world, the right answers are often more nuanced and, in the end, almost always depend on individual circumstances.

Making solid, informed decisions about your money and retirement requires knowledge, critical thinking, and perhaps a little help along the way.

One of the stunning things you learn as a financial advisor, especially over 30 years of practice, is that the same financial mistakes are made over and over again. And, they are made not just by beginners but also by bright, successful people who are well-intentioned but misinformed about some fundamental concepts around money.

What it comes down to for many of these folks is a lack of basic knowledge.

That’s where this book comes in – a little help along the way in the form of information… knowledge.

The purpose of this book is to provide you with the knowledge you need to make more informed decisions about the accumulation and income phases of your financial life.

As you read through this little book I encourage you to keep an open and active mind. I believe that most of you will learn a thing or two and, at the very least, be better prepared to make good decisions upon its completion.

It’s true in life. It’s true in the world of investing and retirement planning: knowledge is power.

Never stop learning. Never stop questioning. Never stop thinking for yourself.

Read on and all the best to you in your financial future!

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Here is a sneak excerpt from The Little Red Book of Retirement Series:

Introduction: Congratulations! You’re in an Elite Group

“Congratulations! You’ve worked hard, and have been a disciplined and successful investor. Now, your game plan shifts to preserving and growing your investments. It’s more than likely that your pre-retirement financial strategies are not aligned with the next 30 or more years of your life. If you’re like most High Net Worth individuals, you want to maintain your current lifestyle for as long as you live…and pass a little on to people you love. That’s why it’s important to work alongside a team of trusted financial professionals who can help customize a plan to account for a lifetime of income. This book focuses on YOUR lifestyle, and the fundamental principles of saving, investing, and protecting your nest egg.”

“The perception of being “a millionaire” might have seemed to be out of reach for many when entering the workforce, but based on salaries, home values, and the growth of the stock market, “the millionaire next door” is more commonplace than ever.”

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