Everyone loves every single one of their relatives and loves spending time with them during stressful holidays. But sometimes things can simply be too amiable – and frankly boring, at Thanksgiving dinner. Luckily, there are so many controversial things going on in America and the world that there is plenty of fodder for spirited debate! Here are some helpful tips on how to avoid boredom during Thanksgiving dinner.

Tell your sister ‘the food just isn’t the same as mom’s’

Once everyone is focused on their food, the conversation might lag a bit. After your sister has slaved away over dinner for hours, she’ll definitely appreciate some constructive criticism and keep it in mind for next year.

Fill in a lull in conversation with “so how about this impeachment stuff!”

Trump is a great topic for Thanksgiving dinner – there are endless subtopics to discuss, from his impending impeachment, to the Russian investigation, down to his unique look. Since everyone has an opinion on him, it’s a very inclusive topic.

Give advice to the younger generation

Wellesley and Wesleyan, Boston College and Boston University, U Penn and Penn State – what’s the difference, right? All you know is that your niece is going somewhere, and she can correct you on the school when you inevitably get it wrong. And make sure to remind her that she won’t get a job after college when she tells you what she’s majoring in so she can thank you later for warning her.

Talk about MONEY – specifically YOUR money

Make sure to tell all your family members how close you are to retirement, and how much money you have for trips, charitable causes and your legacy thanks to your comprehensive retirement plan. Throw in how little you’ve been affected by recent market downturns because of the smart steps you took ahead of time when preparing for a bear market. You’ll be doing them a favor by making them realize how important retirement planning is, and they’ll be sure to thank you.

At O’Donnell Financial Group, we want your retirement to go much smoother than your Thanksgiving dinner would if you did any of these things. And, we’re definitely better at giving advice regarding Social Security optimization, tax minimization, income planning, and investing than we are regarding getting along with relatives, so come in for a complimentary financial review!