5 Essential Items to Pack on Your Next Trip

If you’re traveling this summer, or plan to travel often in retirement, there are certain staples you can bring wherever you go. When packing for a trip, everyone immediately thinks of underwear and a toothbrush, but there are other essentials that don’t come to mind as easily. And besides, you can buy a new toothbrush or extra pair of underwear pretty much anywhere in the world. Here are 5 essential items to pack on your next trip.

First Aid Kit

You don’t have to bring much, but it can be good to have the basics with you in case of an emergency – bandages, pain and fever reducers, antihistamines for allergic reactions, adhesive tape, and alcohol wipes. If you wear glasses, packing an extra pair, or extra contact lenses can be important, as can an extra week’s worth of any prescription medications you might take.

Phone Charger(s)

It’s hard to forget your phone, but it can be easy to forget a charger. You don’t know how long you might have to go before you can buy another one, and you certainly don’t want to travel with a dead phone. In addition to your regular charger, consider bringing a portable charger. You’re on vacation – don’t waste time sitting around in a Starbucks waiting for your phone to charge! If you know you’ll be walking around for long periods of time, or are using your phone as a camera, carry a portable charger with you to extend your phone’s battery life. Portable chargers are typically about the size of a phone, and a bit lighter. There are also phone cases that act as chargers in case you don’t want to carry around anything extra.


If you’re traveling internationally, you might also need an adaptor for your charger. There are universal adaptors that can be used in just about every country, and more simple ones to adapt to a specific kind of outlet.

Luggage Tag

Want to distinguish your black suitcase from over other traveler’s? Get a unique, eye catching luggage tag. It will help you spot your bag more easily on the luggage conveyor belt. This might minimize the amount of time spent looking for your luggage, or even the chance of you mistaking someone else’s bag for your own – or worse, someone mistaking your bag for theirs.

Luggage Tracker

If your luggage has ever been lost before, you know it’s not a good way to start or end a vacation. While you can’t guarantee this won’t happen, you can track where your bag is by putting a small, light, luggage tracker in it. There are apps that allow you to see where the tracker is on your phone. So when the airline tells you they’ve lost your luggage, you can tell them where it is.

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